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Movie: Laughing Gor: Turning Point

Friday, September 4, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:14 PM

Short talk:123

Only losers like to do something behind you, because they’re too coward to stand in front of you face to face.




Michael Tse this time really pa bai already, even big stars like Anthony Wong, Francis Ng and Eric Tsang are willing to be the supporting actors in this movie.




Of course, he will be the undercover in this movie again, just that this time, he has a double undercover identity. He was sent by the Triad into the police force, but sent back by his head to the Triad. Check the trailer.



It’s a good movie overall, however there are too many flash backs within the movie and the storyline cannot connect to the EU, which is the origin of Laughing Gor.




Indeed, his Laughing Gor in EU does really make him famous, he acted really really well in that TVB drama.




Until the two main actors in EU, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan become two keh leh feh in this movie.




who only show up before the movie ends.



dai sei LOL



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  1. Sabrina Ooi says:

    he become famous because of that Tvb series ma..not meh??