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Movie: District 9

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:20 PM

Short talk:1234

Too many activities this week. Busy, but not so boring at least.







The movie starts off by a documentary style, saying that a huge spaceship of alien has stopped on a Earth for 20 years, and humans prepared a residential area for a large number of aliens, named as District 9.



Although it’s kinda boring at the earlier part of the movie, it shows us what exactly humans will do if aliens were really here. How humans will treat the creatures which are not belong to Earth? What will humans do on them? What are the things humans exactly want?




If you want to know more about humanity, this is the movie you shouldn’t miss.


Well, if you ask me what will I do if aliens come to my house. Kick their balls! if they have one of course. Why? I don’t look friendly, do I?


By the way, the aliens, weapons, robots, and spaceship look real. Even better than transformer.



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