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Damn the Window Live Messenger

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:35 PM

Short talk:1234

Did some accounts today, and failed to balance it because writing the amount as usual.





My MSN’s webcam and video cannot be used since I upgraded it to 09 version early in this year. Since I was so free today, I tried to figure it out why this shit happens.


This thing shows up whenever I tried to start a webcam or video call.




I’ve tried reinstall this shit like 1000 times or tried to turn off my anti-virus. I also google’ed the error code (0x8ac70013), the Window Live (!8B3F39C76A8B853F!14323.entry?sa=81211303) pushes the shit to MacAfee’s Site Advisor (


But the crap is, I don’t even have the MacAfee Site Advisor! Fine, I even downloaded it and tried but the messenger still showing me the same thing.


Damn it, I hate using Skype since the people I know rarely use it. You know what, it’s very pissed when a hella hot girl comes to you in messenger and asks:




‘Wanna play video call?’   





  ‘Sure, but my MSN can’t, can you use Skype?’





‘Never mind then, I don’t have / lazy / cannot / no account.’  





  *grrhhhhhhhhhh kill me*



So, anyone can help me to fix it please? I will treat you a meal (of my choice) xD



Currently have 3 comments:

  1. SJ says:

    oh i'm takin acc too! gonna do more so that i could balance the acc. haha.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  1. andy says:

    gagaga. that hurt. :')

  1. Jz says:

    I always wrote the wrong amount carelessly and fucked everything up xD

    True Dx