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The Bra

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:35 PM

Short talk:2

Afternoon classes reduce my time for hanging around, and I have nothing to blog!




We were asked to bring a picture/photo to college today and present about it one week ago, and we’re allowed to present whatever we like.


Crap, I forgot about it until my friend asked what I had prepared yesterday night. Presenting boring facts kills me. I searched through my computer and internet for something special and no one would think about it, but still, no idea.


Until something came into my mind and I decided to use this picture.



Not about the girl, but the bras.


This presentation doesn’t carry mark, so I just searched about various types of bras then drafted some ideas in my mind before I sleep.


What I got for this? Whacked by lecturer of course, for laughing from the very beginning of the presentation to the end.


If you think that I’m an asshole, jerk, or something like that. I admit it. Yes, I’m. Well, Malaysians are horny anyway.



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  1. lol this still ok. My friend played a hentai video for his presentation. Luckily the teacher quiet only. He shiok i guess.