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A sexy woman in a restaurant

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | comments (3)

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I didn’t know why I felt delighted when one of my friend told me that my hair now is unacceptable for her and it makes her wanna punch on my face.



Read through Wayangtimes yesterday and I found a really interesting post, this one. It’s about a guy who saw a sexy woman in a restaurant and felt that her dressing was too outrageous and inappropriate. I bet most of they guy would think the same way:


WTH!? What’s wrong with the sexy dressing! What’s wrong with the outrageous! Why is it inappropriate! Of course, if she is not my girlfriend.


Well, you should have checked the picture before thinking that way.




And you will think: Oh mai god! Yes, I couldn’t agree more that this is totally too outrageous and inappropriate!


And the most interesting part is what the eyewitness (probably the luckiest person in the world) said:


“This woman totally spoilt my appetite……She might have her pride and she’s not afraid to dress like this in public, eating buffet as I watched her tummy gets bigger and bigger the more she ate.”


Anyway, the question is: How many people would go out that way? I mean, it’s almost impossible for a person like her to don’t know what kind of figure she has. If you were her, will you dare to wear it that way?


Unless, there is an incentive to push you there. What kind of incentive? Who knows? But who or what will be benefited by this? If you have noticed it, it was a buffet, and it made customers there lost their appetite. Therefore?


Ah fucked, I’m just thinking too much. Perhaps she felt sexy that way. Who knows?



Ruin the fairy tales

Posted by Jz on Monday, September 28, 2009 | comments (0)

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Got my new MyCard today. Good bye to the sohai Jack in old MyCard.





Accidentally ran into Jeffrey Thomas’s blog days ago. Just when I thought he is just a ordinary character designer who has no difference with those in Disney, I was impressed by his twisted princesses. They’re totally amazing.



 image image image image image image

image image

image image


And personally, I love this one the most.



The dwarfs look like pit lords LOL (If you play DotA). They just totally ruin those old fairy tales up!


Well, I just hope that he won’t get sued by Disney.



Why are porn stars able to earn quarter of a million dollar per year

Posted by Jz on Sunday, September 27, 2009 | comments (4)

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Please tell me that my hair has grown longer after 1 day.




I was always wondering, why are those young pretty girls willing to be porn stars? Until I found a very reasonable reason at 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pornography, they could earn up to quarter of a million dollars a year!  Or to make it more explicit, they can earn 20,000 plus plus per month at the age of 18!


But then I was bothered by another questions. How do porn stars earn so much money? Why are people willing to pay so much money? Or in other words, why does pornography industry earn so much money?


Of course the answer is they’re demanded, and I was surprised by how demanded it is. This is the stats of my blog.




As you all might have noticed, the visitors on 25th was abnormally higher. So I went to check on where they came from.




The Barrack porn post. Unsurprised, I must say. Why? Because this happened when I posted about masturbation last time. This happened in an unknown blog like mine, imagine how demanded it is?


Therefore, girls, don’t believe if your boyfriends tell you they never watched any porn before.



Picture: No Plastic Bags Fail

Posted by Jz on Saturday, September 26, 2009 | comments (4)

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Because of he doesn’t know how to differentiate 1-2cm and 3-4cm, my hair was sacrificed.




Went to bought mp3 players in Queensbay Plaza, and when we paid the bill,




Maybe the yellow colour thing is made by paper.



Movie: The Ugly Truth

Posted by Jz on Friday, September 25, 2009 | comments (5)

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Seem like I’m the only one in the house who doesn’t know how to cook.




After 1 week of boring holiday, I finally got to watch a movie that I wanted to watch long time ago – The Ugly truth.




Actually I was attracted by the first version of poster, this one.



Is it kinda obvious that what ugly truth the movie going to show? LOL




Mike is a hardcore TV NJ who doesn’t believe in true love between men and women, and wants to spill the ugly truth of every relationship. Unfortunately, he is forced to work with a show producer, Abby. She doesn’t give a damn on what mike says and deeply believe that Mr Perfects who are able to fulfil her checklists exist.




So Mike uses his career as a bargaining chip to prove his ‘ugly truth’ by helping Abby to hook her so-called Prince Charming up in condition that Abby must follow his direction exactly.




Well of course, this kind of movie, even a 3 years old kid knows that they would end up together.




This movie is great if you need some laughs, and it shows you some truths of what a man or a woman wants in a relationship. However, if you deeply believe in the fairy tales, then this shouldn’t be a movie of yours.



The best beauty contest ever

Posted by Jz on Thursday, September 24, 2009 | comments (4)

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Everywhere is full of people because of Raya, even buying a Sundae cone becomes so hard.




Personally, I don’t really like to watch beauty contests as other guys do. Well, not because they’re not pretty, of course, I’m not a gay since I don’t watch bodybuilding competitions either. It’s probably because I still haven’t reach the age of being attracted by them, or in other words, they’re too old for me. LOLOL


But I guess I’m finally interested in a beauty contest after receiving an email with some photos in it from my friend. Check the pictures.










What if I tell you that, they’re dude?

All I want to say is, Thailand ftw!


*repeat, I’m not gay*



Damn the Window Live Messenger

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | comments (3)

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Did some accounts today, and failed to balance it because writing the amount as usual.





My MSN’s webcam and video cannot be used since I upgraded it to 09 version early in this year. Since I was so free today, I tried to figure it out why this shit happens.


This thing shows up whenever I tried to start a webcam or video call.




I’ve tried reinstall this shit like 1000 times or tried to turn off my anti-virus. I also google’ed the error code (0x8ac70013), the Window Live (!8B3F39C76A8B853F!14323.entry?sa=81211303) pushes the shit to MacAfee’s Site Advisor (


But the crap is, I don’t even have the MacAfee Site Advisor! Fine, I even downloaded it and tried but the messenger still showing me the same thing.


Damn it, I hate using Skype since the people I know rarely use it. You know what, it’s very pissed when a hella hot girl comes to you in messenger and asks:




‘Wanna play video call?’   





  ‘Sure, but my MSN can’t, can you use Skype?’





‘Never mind then, I don’t have / lazy / cannot / no account.’  





  *grrhhhhhhhhhh kill me*



So, anyone can help me to fix it please? I will treat you a meal (of my choice) xD



SMS Prank

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | comments (4)

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I’ve decided to use my holidays wisely, starting from tomorrow, which is the last day LOL.




4am in the morning, everyone was sleeping besides me. Wasn’t sleepy at all, and felt so boring, so I sent a SMS so some of my friends.


Wake up! Fire in da house! Wake up!


None of them replied, as expected. Of course, which asshole will stay until so late early like me. And when I woke up in the morning afternoon, I saw few replies.


Victim 1:

You crazy? Zz


Victim 2:

Swt! What time already?


Victim 3:

Wake up! Wake up! Time to go college!


Victim 4:

Fck you.


Victim 5:

My birthday also didn’t wish me! (That day was her birthday LOL)


And the best is this one, who MSN’ed me once I online.


Victim 6: Hey! Your house got fired?

Me: You guess?

Victim 6: Probably, you sent me that message, where’re you staying now? welfare house? Need anything?

Me: swt……

Victim 6: You okay or not?

Me: My house didn’t get fired =_=

Victim 6: Oh, sent wrong message?

Me: Sent to you on purpose just to disturb you.

Victim: Aiyo, next time don’t play that, I already told everyone your house got fired last night, they must be worrying so much.

Me: Zzzz……


I’d say that, I’m glad to have a friend like this –___________-



MSN Games

Posted by Jz on Monday, September 21, 2009 | comments (6)

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What I believe is true. This will be the last time I feel pissed for this kind of insignificant stuff, I swear.




Holidays are boring, especially for a dickhead with no money like me who probably spends whole day long sitting in front of his computer. What to do, spent a lot this week and officially broke now.


Played lousy games for the whole day until someone came to challenge me some MSN games. We started off by Minesweeper Flags,



I didn’t know she knows nothing about it, so 26:1 (xD). Then we changed to UNO.



This stupid UNO doesn’t follow the rules that I used to play (or contrary, I didn’t follow the official rules LOL) and made me lost the first round. Of course, ex-fulltime gamer like me was still able to catch up later xDD.

Then we went into Puzzle that I usually have no patience to play at all. In order to make it more fun, I picked the photo from my laptop and chose the advance mode, which was totally stupid.



Why? Because the background was too plain! I had totally no idea how should I continue it after finishing the centre part.




Well, wasted 42 minutes and 42 seconds on this. Who was the winner? The dickhead again of course.




because I used some evil tricks to get most of the snaps. What trick? Challenge me and you will know. HAHA!



Steamboat Night

Posted by Jz on Sunday, September 20, 2009 | comments (4)

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Bought so many things in Queensbay today, satisfied. Now I need 2 more short pants xD.




On this street……




In this buffet style steamboat restaurant…




They had so many foods there……




And there were 4 participants……


DSC03845 DSC03846









DSC03847 DSC03850












Who had decided to eat until the shop drops!



That’s the rule of every buffet, it’s either you smile when you’re leaving, or the boss of the restaurant smile to you when you’re leaving. So, we came, we saw, we conquered ate!











We were eating like mad, from day to night, from a good weather to rain, from outside to second floor, from a tiny meatball to ice creams. That was the only way to make our 18 bucks worth!


Well, before I end this post, let me show you a tempting style of eating an ice cream.



It tasted better seriously……