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This happened in Police Station

Monday, August 3, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:27 PM

Short talk:1

Some people like to laugh like mad after doing some pointless things which are not funny at all, and they call that humour.



First of everything, I’d like to present you a video.



This video is spreading like H1N1 around Malaysia recently, I believe that the origin of this video is from


Yes, this video is irritating.


To hell with freedom of speech, to hell with ISA. As a blogger, it is wise for not touching any provocative issue like: If that guy were not a Chinese? or etc.


We don’t know what that guy did, if that guy is a raper, drug seller, or an arrogant scamp, he deserves it. Well, certainly there are many things that the law couldn’t help. However, if he is just a suspect, fuck the polices.


I’m surprised, not by the abusing of power shown in the video (we know these happen, ALWAYS), but the video itself, it shows the the stupidity of the polices for taking this video down and sending it to others like it’s a porn clip.


Anyway, this video carries a moral value, tell you children, do not commit a crime! Because apparently, sorry doesn’t work in police stations (3:50 in the video).


‘Sekarang sini police you tau tak?’

(Do you know this is police station?)



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  1. Chili Crab says:

    It's cruel indeed!!! It flames me up. How can police do that?

  1. Jz says:

    Just simply because they're polices

  1. Fuking malaysian police. If they're educated they wouldn't do that. Most of the police in the malaysia deserve 2 be behind bars themselves coz they're corrupted sickos.

    U noe, even gardeners overseas have a degree. No wonder d quality of our Malaysian workforce is still crap behind lightyears. -.- The video proves that most of Malaysians r still hving third class mentality.

  1. Jz says:

    Don't forget ISA is still around =P

    Anyway, corruptions and power abusing happen in all the places. We can't change anything, as long as human exists, they're humanity!

    Only thing is, those with brains hide it well, and some idiots send their 'proud record' like EDC's pictures. -.-