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Sushi King’s Big Bowl

Saturday, August 29, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:48 PM

Short talk:1234

Finally did something meaningful in this holiday today – car washing.




Thinking that there will be less people in E-Gate during these rainy + H1N1 days was a mistake, almost all restaurants there were full.


Golden balls are still as tasty as usual, and this caught my attention.




The Big Bowl Challenge! which you can eat a hella big bowl of noodle for FREE. As long as you finish it in 10 minutes.




Valid from 1- 30 September 2009
Eat your way to victory! Noodles of Japan

Terms and conditions:
* Big bowl is free of charge for participant who is able to completely finish the dish within 10 minutes
* Participant will be charged RM38.80 should they fail to finish the big bowl within 10 minutes
* Only 1 (one) big bowl per participant
* Available while stock last
* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only


One big bowl per participant, but it doesn’t stat that how many times per person is allowed to join. So if you’re confident enough (and having a big storage), you could save 3 meals up per day, and the 3 meals you eat worth RM116.40!


If, you’re able to eat this for 30 days, congratulation, they worth RM3492 and you just evolved into a pig.



However, they’re not just big, but really really huge (if you want to know how exactly the size is, take an egg from your refrigerator and compare it to the bowl in picture above). Yet the term states that you have to completely finish the dish, therefore the soup is included. Make sure you don’t eat for 10 hours before challenging this shit.


So, who wants to challenge? Not me definitely, I hate vegetable, and look at that hella big piece of VEGE!



Currently have 5 comments:

  1. Walao looks great. Maybe I'll try it soon. Juz nid gang teman me.

  1. Jz says:

    but if you fail, you have to pay RM38.80 which is totally not worth at all xD I can teman you, but i'll just watch xDDDDD

  1. sam oh says:

    i wanna watch too !!!!!

  1. Jz says:

    watch people to pay Rm38.80? xD

  1. kenwooi says:

    i love golden ball too!! =D