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RM4,000 LCD VS RM13,000 LCD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:40 PM

Short talk:123

Exams make me keep watching movies endlessly, start missing Power Rangers.




Have no mood to play games, have no mood to blog, have no mood to study, have no mood to do anything!


Have been watching movies for days, some of them are really suck, but at least they kept me from thinking and worrying about shits for one hour plus plus.


So, another blog from my drafts, sorry guys =P


Do you know what’s the different between a RM4,000 LCD TV




and a holy shit RM13,000 LCD TV?




Everything looks the same for me beside the design. (brand, size, HD, etc)


What makes the RM9000 difference? Me too, didn’t know, until my mother told me the answer.


‘Because it shows us the time lah!’


08082009478 - Copy





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