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Movie: Resident Evil

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:07 PM

Short talk:1234

Dayo Wong is cool. LOL





I don’t think I look like the person who will attend some speeches, camps, or whatever to improve myself. Holiday means to be meaningless having fun right?


And for me, I just woke up at 2pm and spent my whole day watching the whole Resident Evil series.




Storyline is quite logical, US does look like the country who will do this kind of thing underground.




Covering the fact of destroying the city by nuclear bomb to stop the infection sounds logical too, humanity, I suppose.




This one is boring and illogical compare to the previous two. Well, at least, I don’t remember Eiffel Tower and Egypt Sphinx in Las Vegas.


Of course, people don’t watch this movie because of the logicalness (sorry xD), not the undead either.




The main selling point of this movie has shown in all of the movies above.


resident evil 1



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