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Girlfriends and Boyfriends Nowadays

Saturday, August 1, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:53 PM


This post is just for entertainment purpose, no hard feelings. =)



If you wonder where this shit comes from, it was purposely made for my English presentation this Monday (including those maple cartoons). Yes, presentation, we’re required to present an illustrative or comparison and contrast essay. Instead of using those traditional or formal titles, I decided to let it be more kuai lan funny.


I cut short everything in the presentation due to the freaking time limit. How on the earth could I present an essay with 8 points in 5 minutes? Not even if I rap everything lah. So this is the original version, perhaps.


Girlfriends and Boyfriends Nowadays



First of all, I must explain why I indicate ‘nowadays’, well, obviously couples nowadays cannot be compared to the couples in your grandmother’s era, at least your grandmother didn’t go clubbing.


All I could say is, girls and guys are two different creatures who share the Earth, and of course, there are some similarities and differences between them.


Similarity I – They can be really sweet



This explains why flowers, especially roses, go against the law of demand. The price is increasing at a terrible rate, but still, they’re more and more demanded. I guess stop throwing money into education and open a flower shop is a wiser choice.


Usually, they’ll give their partner some lovely nicks. Examples? Nah, I guess you people know more than me.



Yea, they might be sweet for the couples, but for heaven’s sake stop calling out loud in public, it’s disgusting!


Certainly, they’re much more open minded. Ask your grandmother how many people did she ever kiss, and I bet you did more than her.



We could see many kids from secondary school, who claim that they know what is love, holding hands in shopping malls. They look funny for me though. Well, if you want to know how open minded they could be, you can always keep an eye on the last row of cinema theatres.



Similarity II – They can be really mean too



Yea, especially when they’re in a row. Let me explain how these things start always, although you probably know already.


It can be caused by just a littleeeeee misunderstanding, and there is no right or wrong, but if the timing is wrong (PMS?), it starts.



They start blaming each other, and normally that will go further and further from the ‘original topic’, then go into their grandmother’s stories.



All the ‘I don’t mind’, ‘I forgive you’, ‘that already passed’, etc are all bullshits! They will still pull them out like digging their booger when they’re in a row, they just don’t care! And it’s endless……



until one of them give up.


However, usually guys will say sorry first, not because they’re ‘gentleman’, it’s simply because they have needs…yea…needs


Difference I – Personality



For girls, they like to share their interests with their boyfriend (or maybe they just simply like to talk).



Spending whole day talking nonsense to their boyfriend isn’t really a matter for them, from their parents to pet, from what they like to what they scare, from shopping to cockroach. They just never know that their boyfriend doesn’t even know what are they talking about when he says ‘Ya’, ‘Oh’, ‘Is it?’, etc.


And their favourite, shopping. They usually drag their boyfriend along, not because they want them to pay for the bills (maybe?), they just want to shaaare, as I mentioned above.




Following girlfriend to shopping is always a nightmare for a guy, because normally he will be ‘downgraded’ to a promoter, who helps his girlfriend looking for other sizes when she is in changing room, or perhaps a servant, who has to carry everything.


The worst thing is, following girlfriend to shopping mall isn’t a ‘2 hours mission’. It can be 5 hours, 7 hours, or worse, because girls like to compare, first of all they must compare the price between goods, then compare the quality between goods, then compare the price with the quality, then compare the good to themselves, and etc.


On the other hand, shopping is an easy process for guys.




They see what they like, skip any whatever process, buy. That’s why, guys’ money is much more easier to earn, and to cheat, too.


In addition, guys don’t like to share their interests with their girlfriend. Probably because girls will not, or will never understand those stuffs, like games, car parts, footballs, etc.


Well, of course, the thing isn’t as simple as that, there are some interests of guys which couldn’t share with their girlfriend.




Difference II - Expectation


Besides personalities, they’re different in expectation for each other.



For girls, they expect their boyfriend to pay for certain bills voluntary. For example, after a dinner, it’s kinda weird if they pay separately, they’re couple! Thus, the guy should pay for the bill.




Why? Why guys? It has became a tradition. What are you expecting? for girls to pay for the bills? and let the friends of both of you label a ‘little white face’ on you at your back?


And, girls want to be cared. Like what kennysia always says, girls need attention.



Guys do pay attention to thier girlfriend, but the thing is, not as much as girls’ or what girls have expected.


Well you see, for guys, watching a football match between Malaysia and Manchester United is certainly more important than a date with girlfriend. In guys’ mind, they can date their girlfriend everyday, but Manchester United, hell! When would be the next time!


For guys, they expect some spaces from their girlfriend, to do what they like.



Sometimes, watching a football match alone is much more batter than having a girlfriend beside, who will keep asking questions like ‘red colour should shoot left or right side arh?’, etc.


Lastly, guys expect,



A free maid, perhaps.


Actually, guys don’t like their room to be messy, just that, they hate doing house works more than looking at the messiness. In their mind, they expect girls to be better in these, so… maybe girlfriend could help them a bit…a bit…


arhhhhh, I’m late, just skip the conclusion.





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    Interesting post!
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  1. PoisonKagero says:

    Haha cute =). Eh but some girls like football too. My girl friend is like pro at football news and statistics XD

  1. Jz says:


    Yea, I mean most, I know guys who do 'girlish-style-shopping' too =P

  1. U got dat right, better not share guys stuff with girls. Like dota. They juz dun understand it's guy's time to relax.

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    You better hope that your girlfriend won't see this accidentally.

    By the way, hot girl dotaing here

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