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Posted by Jz on Monday, August 31, 2009 | comments (2)

Short talk:123

Vacuumed my room and cleaned up all most of the shits in my room, which should be done like 10 years ago.



31 August, Malaysia is 52 years old now! Well, I think for most of the students, National Day stands for nothing much besides holiday. Tell me who will think of Najib during this day.




Please, people think of Namewee more lah friend, probably because of him 18PL Negarakuku (click for original version). Scaring of ISA? Don’t worry, there is a friendly+censored version of Negarakuku by Namewee now.



Untuk Tontonan Umum


Check out his Potong Saga this year =D




Counter-Aedes Win

Posted by Jz on Sunday, August 30, 2009 | comments (3)

Short talk:123

Another 12pm brunch dim sum, and, I love lok lok!




Was always wondering how a smoke bang in Counter Strike works.




It’s used in the game to create smoke around in order to cover ourselves from the enemies.




Especially snipers.




God blesses me, finally I encountered the opportunity when I was driving back to home.




Just when I thought Osama Bin Laden’s secret hideout has finally been discovered by US, I saw the force in full equipments.




Just that they were not CT (Counter-Terrorist) Force, but the CA (Counter-Aedes) Force, who spread smoke around because one of our neighbourhoods had suffered from Dengue fever.




Well, at least I know that the taxes we pay to government have some usages now. But for heaven’s sake, please improve the stinky smell of the smoke (durian flavour perhaps) and stop spraying straight into people houses!




That made my turtles sick.



Sushi King’s Big Bowl

Posted by Jz on Saturday, August 29, 2009 | comments (5)

Short talk:1234

Finally did something meaningful in this holiday today – car washing.




Thinking that there will be less people in E-Gate during these rainy + H1N1 days was a mistake, almost all restaurants there were full.


Golden balls are still as tasty as usual, and this caught my attention.




The Big Bowl Challenge! which you can eat a hella big bowl of noodle for FREE. As long as you finish it in 10 minutes.




Valid from 1- 30 September 2009
Eat your way to victory! Noodles of Japan

Terms and conditions:
* Big bowl is free of charge for participant who is able to completely finish the dish within 10 minutes
* Participant will be charged RM38.80 should they fail to finish the big bowl within 10 minutes
* Only 1 (one) big bowl per participant
* Available while stock last
* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only


One big bowl per participant, but it doesn’t stat that how many times per person is allowed to join. So if you’re confident enough (and having a big storage), you could save 3 meals up per day, and the 3 meals you eat worth RM116.40!


If, you’re able to eat this for 30 days, congratulation, they worth RM3492 and you just evolved into a pig.



However, they’re not just big, but really really huge (if you want to know how exactly the size is, take an egg from your refrigerator and compare it to the bowl in picture above). Yet the term states that you have to completely finish the dish, therefore the soup is included. Make sure you don’t eat for 10 hours before challenging this shit.


So, who wants to challenge? Not me definitely, I hate vegetable, and look at that hella big piece of VEGE!



Car wash pros

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Short talk:123

Rainy days = stay at home = safe from H1N1




These days were so boring, I cannot wait for my semester 3 classes. My god, I can’t believe that these words come out from my mouth, I guess I just burned my head off.


Been watching 20+ videos and movies per days for a whole week. Hell! Not triple-X videos and movies! They’re from Youtube and PPS.


And yesterday, I ran into a video like this.



Obviously these idiots just don’t know how to turn off the tap.




Posted by Jz on Thursday, August 27, 2009 | comments (2)

Short talk:123

Thanks to the rainy days, been staying at home for such a long time, officially evolved into an otaku now.



Yes, not Judo, but Judose. They call that a sport, which the player stands with one foot and fights his rival with knee until one of them falls down or pushed off outside the field.




And the really cool thing is, they call the player ‘warriors fighting with foot’


In China, they even organized tournament for this sport officially, with a state and a judge.



Watched some matches in Astro and found this so-called sport is lame personally, and I can’t believe that this game comes to Malaysia.




Watch the top ten skills of Judose, and tell me why they’re good.



Then, watch top 10 in X-Game



That makes those ‘warriors’ look like bunch of kids. Well, I guess that game suits Americans more, at least it’s much more safer than X-Games.



Semester 2 ended officially

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | comments (3)

My 2nd semester in INTI ended officially by the moment I received my result of semester 2 and enrolled for the semester 3 today. Time flies, I’d say.


The bad news is, I got a B for my English. I’m not saying that my English is good, but it’s totally unreasonable. I got a 46/60 for my course work, and having a B means I got a mark of 60-69, which means, I didn’t even have a 24/40 in my final test.


To tell the truth, I remembered the final test wasn’t so hard compare to the minor tests. So always remember, don’t make your lecturer hates you or your class, buy more sweets for them and P their LP.

123 However, the good news is:

The era of waking up at 7 in the morning ended.

There will be no more 8am class in semester 3, which suits pig lazy people like me.


By the way, Moral Studies is for idiots.



Movie: Resident Evil

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Short talk:1234

Dayo Wong is cool. LOL





I don’t think I look like the person who will attend some speeches, camps, or whatever to improve myself. Holiday means to be meaningless having fun right?


And for me, I just woke up at 2pm and spent my whole day watching the whole Resident Evil series.




Storyline is quite logical, US does look like the country who will do this kind of thing underground.




Covering the fact of destroying the city by nuclear bomb to stop the infection sounds logical too, humanity, I suppose.




This one is boring and illogical compare to the previous two. Well, at least, I don’t remember Eiffel Tower and Egypt Sphinx in Las Vegas.


Of course, people don’t watch this movie because of the logicalness (sorry xD), not the undead either.




The main selling point of this movie has shown in all of the movies above.


resident evil 1



Car technology

Posted by Jz on Monday, August 24, 2009 | comments (1)

Short talk:1234

Woke up at 8am and the people in INTI told me: Sorry, your result is not ready yet, please come back on 26th.




Was planning to drive to Kuala Lumpur, for the safeness of my friends and I, I took my car to service and do alignment.


Surprisingly, even simple car servicing is computerized nowadays (or I’m outdated, perhaps). Something like only can be seen in James Bond’s movie.




While people were removing my tyres, I saw an Indian’s car was in the process of doing alignment too. The car was driven to surface of the machine, and 4 aerials or whatever are installed on the tyres.




Then they will use this machine to scan something I don’t know, and the information will be shown on the monitors.


And the really cool thing was, just after my car was serviced, my friend called me saying that he cannot go with me. Wadafak!



Overheard: Fake monk

Posted by Jz on Sunday, August 23, 2009 | comments (1)

Short talk:1

Going to take my result tomorrow, and great, my parents want to eat dim sum so they’re going to go with me, mai god.



Today morning, my brother showed me a picture in newspaper, about a fake monk who asked for donations in public and turned into casual wear after his work.




And he said:




‘This idiot really ruins Malaysia’s reputation up.’ 





‘Who the heck tells you that it happened in Malaysia, 100% not.’    



After he checked the article,




     ‘Singapore! OMG how you know one!’




‘Because no one will do such thing in Malaysia, Malaysians have no sympathy.’





Cheapest City – Kuala Lumpur

Posted by Jz on Saturday, August 22, 2009 | comments (4)

Short talk:asd

Great, all people ppk me. You know what? TULAN!





Even myself want to continue my education in Kuala Lumpur next year, but guess what? Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest city in the world =P


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this in newspaper.




This is based on the data collected by United Bank of Switzerland. Well, at least Malaysia make herself into the 73 cities in the list.


And the most expensive city, Oslo.




I don’t get why the heck it’s the most expensive, I don’t see any twins-towers-like-building there.




Malaysia Boleh!


For those who are able to read Chinese, here is the full article




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Short talk:123

RM75 buffet is expensive, but not when my dad is the customer, who drank 14 tins of beers.




Sorry for late post today, went to fetch my dad from the airport.


It’s been a long time since the last time I touched my ball, I mean, basketball. All the skills have been rusted (or rust’er), so instead of saying playing basketball, I’d say it’s just playing.




Spent a great time, I’d say. Well, thing would be better if I don’t have to wake up early in 7am since I sleep at around 3am every night.



Drink more beers

Posted by Jz on Thursday, August 20, 2009 | comments (3)

Short talk:123

Saw the big improvement in some government sectors, making IC is much more faster. Well, not for the TM.




I drink a lot, but I don’t drink often. Not because of the price (erm maybe lol) nor scaring of the drinker’s stomach. I’m not an alcoholic, but sometimes drinking beers does really cheer me up. Of course, if it doesn’t cost me that much.




At that moment, I won’t remember any unhappy event, stress, or problems that I’m currently facing or have faced.


And the most important thing is, by the time I’m drinking beers, I know that I’m actually saving the Earth.




So, do invite me to save the Earth, thanks.



Holidays, Beach, and BEERS!

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | comments (3)

Short talk:123

Staffs in banks are good at implying they’re better than other banks.




After Gurney Plaza on last Saturday, we continued our fun at Batu Ferringhi beach.




Full of people over there, we’re not kid, who go there to build sand castle nor old enough to go there just to enjoy the sceneries.



Of course, not for bikini or muscular angmo’s (ahem) also. We went there for:




Drinking beers with friends is always fun.




Especially by the beach, you can even drink it on the beach.




Then sleep there straight away after you’re drunk.





Of course, only when you’re with some really really great friends. =)