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Sudden feelings

Sunday, July 26, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:50 PM

Short talk:123

Hell, I’ve already tried to rap everything, but it still took me 10 minutes. Gosh, tell me how to present a compare and contrast essay with 8 points in 5 minutes.


Another boring Sunday, instead of rusting at home as usual, I went to Gurney Plaza, where I used go to before this year. Less than five times, I went there, after the opening of the new wing, although I always remember the stall of sex toys.


Walking alone in this huge mall, and looking at the crowd, brought me some old memories. I saw the reflection of mine at those naive youngsters, I was just like them! Life was just meaningless for me, there was no aim or goal inside. I could spend my day by just walking in this mall with my friends for hours, which I feel it’s totally pointless now.


This year, I’ve realised that what’s actually beneficial to me, what I’m actually aspire after, and how cruel this world, and humanity are. It’s the law of jungle, the losers are always being filtered out.


Of course, I didn’t go there for nothing, I went there for a book.


Freakonomics, introduced by a friend, or maybe a senior. Well, listening to senior is always wise isn’t it? Especially when the senior is going to finish his 3rd year degree in Economics while I’m going to start my first year of degree in Economics next year.


Yes, I’ve decided what to study next year, briefly know, I mean. 60% Economics, 20% Business Management, 19% Marketing, and 1% Accounting.


Huh? Why 1% Accounting? You might ask. The senior awoke me,


‘You’re going to hire people to do accounts for you, not being hired to do accounts for others.’


For God’s sake! It’s hella true! No offence to accountants, I love account too, just that I’m going to hire people to do that for me.


Anyway, sorry for the boringness of this post, I just feel urge to write these feelings. In return, let me tell you a secret dream of mine. In the near future, I want to be a…




a Prime Minister…





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