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Population in India

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:39 PM

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Great, the essay title today is too easy, thank you teacher, I’d probably fail your test.





Heard the news about India’s population will beat China by 2025 in tv today, so I made a search in Google.


And the result is cool, the birth rate in India is 31 per thousand people while China is 20 per thousand people. If this trend continues, by 2025 India will beat China up.


Well, it’s not a good situation anyway. The explosion of population will cause thousands of destructive problems and affect the quality of life of India’s people, for example poverty, unemployment, shortage of resources like land and food which will finally lead to crimes.


Ah shit, stop talking like I’m a minister of India. Lets look at something interesting.

The population clock in Union Health Ministry, new Delhi, in currently ticks at the rate of 31 persons per minute, which means about 44,640 babies are born in India everyday.

Holy cow, look at the number, and imagine how they do that. Selling mann cream in India would be the best idea ever.

Currently sex ratio of India is 960 women for every 1,000 men.

Sudden feeling of luckiness to be born in Malaysia. LOL

There will be more TV programmes in India so people in India will watch more TV and reduce sexual activities.




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