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An online magic

Saturday, July 25, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:59 PM

Short talk:123

Damn the traffic in Penang, going to town centre took me about 1 hour, Kedah also reach already lah 1 hour. But worth for the durian I guess LOL


envy me!


Received an email from a friend of mine, about a magic, by this what what David Copperfield. Lets start.










I admit that I was shocked at first, but after thinking twice, I knew how it actually happened without referring back.


Try to think, just refer back to the first picture if you couldn’t make it.


But if you fail this time, sorry, I’m speechless LOL



Currently have 5 comments:

  1. monchichi says: geng!(claping hand)

    u should put the girl face..
    then think about the girl that u like...namonamonamo..

    Tada~~your "zui ai"

  1. sam oh says:

    all the cards at the 2nd pic is different from da 1st pic ==

  1. Jz says:

    At least kena one LOL