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Mission Rambutan

Friday, July 10, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 5:35 PM

Short Talk: 123
Going to be changed back to Bahasa again? Thanks god, if I were born 3 years later, I’d probably fail my Science and Math.



The ending of durian season isn’t that bad, because it’s followed by rambutan season!


Went to grandma house for dinner that day, my uncle came to me and asked me to join his Mission Rambutan.


There is a rambutan tree beside an empty house at the end of the road, which is planted (I guess) by the previous house owner, it’s rambutan season now, so we could see many attractive red colour fruits on the tree.


Due to the strong thirst for rambutanssss, we haveto ‘borrow’ the rambutrans. But the problem was, in order to borrow more rambutansss, we have to get into the fence of the house, which was locked. Thus, forgive me, I had no choice, blame the rambutanss.


My height has a use finally, to pick rambutanss.




At the end,




Mission Rambutan accomplished


In conclusion, I do agree that:

‘Free stuffs taste sweeter’



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  1. Haha pencuri rambutan. Bring here some ma..