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It’d be an awesome week

Thursday, July 23, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:44 PM

Short talk:123

Too many things to be done, seems like another 7 months are needed to finish my Harry Potter.

24 July (Friday) – Economics test

This subject should be okay, I guess, as long as I finish my revision tonight. Perhaps it’d be a sleepless night again. Well, it’s just the beginning of the nightmare.


27 July (Monday) – English presentation

Fuck this up, I still haven’t touched this presentation at all, which means that I have to spend my lovely weekend on this, or become another dead meat like my last presentation.


28 July (Tuesday) – Marketing test

Great, another ‘haven’t-touched-subject’, since I’ve already decided to use my weekend on practicing my hella presentation, it means the only time I can use to revise on my dusted marketing notes is the Monday night, hell, kill me, kill me!


30 July (Thursday) – Software application test

It seems like a great thing to have a whole Wednesday to prepare for this subject, but no, the thing is I’m totally suck in this subject, how the hell could I remember all the names and functions of EVERY button. Spending whole night for the previous software application test only brought me a 28/50. Therefore, obviously, I’m dead.


31 July (Friday) – Software application assignment due date & presentation

At least I’ve a brief idea on the topic of my English presentation already, but for this one? I know nothing beside the due date. So to hell with Merlin’s bread (LOL?), my Wednesday isn’t only for the revision.



Thus, this week is totally fucked up, forgive me if I don’t blog for some days, of course I’ll still try my best. Okay, I better stop complaining and start doing.



But before that, I’ve to finish watching my TV, play some games, read some comics and take a nap first.



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  1. Wow, sounds "fun". All d best!