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How Nuffnang attracts unique visitors to your blog

Sunday, July 5, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:05 PM

First of all, you need to sign up a Nuffnang account.

Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community with tons of bloggers across many countries. It’s a good place to know more friends, but if you’re thinking of becoming rich by Nuffnang, this isn’t the place for you.


Then, go to Innit.

There is where the bloggers of Nuffnang (Nuffnangers) interact with each other, post about your latest post, and chat with other Nuffnangers in the Chatbox.


Lastly, attract visitors!

Okay, here comes the main part. Assume that the popularity among Nuffnangers is ignored, what you can do is post something ‘attractive’ for Nuffnangers. How we define ‘attractive’ here? I found out recently.


I’ve been posting in Innit for quite a time, but I never succeeded to make myself into the top 10 before, perhaps I have low readership and popularity among them since I rarely chat in the chatbox or participate in any event. Until I posted a post yesterday.


It becomes the top one today,




And top 3 of the week.




80+? So less? Not really, there is a way to enter a post without nang, and seems like most of people know about it.




What my post about?



I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, I just simply dragged a picture from my ‘going to blog’ folder since nothing special happened yesterday.


I can’t fucking believe that I get into the fucking top 10 for the first time by the fucking post about masturbation!


Okay, finally I know that:

This is curiosity humanity.


But how can I do this! How can I so selfish! How can I pollute the heart of my readers for my own satisfaction!

Here is where the evil and the good side of mine start to battle.




Okay I know what to do now LOL



Currently have 5 comments:

  1. Alvin Lim says:

    the next will be you wank with ur webcam on with another shemale again ?

  1. Jz says:

    with you maybe xD

  1. monchichi says:

    LOl..become famouse!( claping hand)

  1. monchichi says:

    LOl..become famouse!( claping hand)