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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:53 PM

Short talk:234

Car was hit by someone in INTI yesterday. Probably an idiot who has no driving skill at all, no matter who you’re, damn you.





Harry Potter movies have been criticized for its ‘over- summarized’ storyline compare to Harry Potter novels since the beginning. Once again, the same thing happens to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince lately.


All I can say is, please, stop comparing the novels with the movies, are you expecting a movie to use 2 and half hours to tell you every single detail in the novel? Which you used few days to finish?


As long as the movie makes every important thing clear, and creates the tone and atmosphere which couldn’t be found in the novel, then it should be a great movie!


Overall, I feel that this movie isn’t that bad, at least there are some amusing plots, and awesome effects, for example, the Dumbledore’s ulti.




Anyway, according to the original story, I don’t remember Death Eaters have the ability to transform in to an unknown flying black smoke, and bombard everything they like, like this,





I remember only Voldemort could fly without a broom. Ah, about Voldemort, I’m totally unsatisfied with the absence of Harry’s father.



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  1. Lol, dumbledore's ulti...Izit like pit lords rain of fire? Hmm got to watch it soon!

  1. Jz says:

    I don't play dotA, but defitely dumbledore's cooler xD

  1. Himu says:

    yes you are right that it is not possible to tell in a 2hours+ movie everything which was on Book,but still we want a great movie
    Forget about the book,and watch the movie,then what you will tel dear ?:)
    Watch movies online