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Free Cyber Cafe

Thursday, July 2, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:18 PM

INTI provides cyber lab for the students, making them easy to do their assignments or looking for information.



I guess it helps some students who have difficulties. But well, for some (most)  people,  it doesn’t mean that. It’s just a free cyber cafe for them.







Personally I’ve quitted all my games recently, which makes me feel like something is missing in my life. Every night, I feel the boringness, loneliness and tulaness. Well, this feeling is just too addictive, I just couldn’t stop facing my dear lappy when there is actually nothing to do.


01072009364 *Photo taken at Borders, Queensbay


Just fuck my life!


by the way, I swear I heard a girl said this in cyber lab today.


' Ahhhh, he shoots me!'



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  1. Vivian Q says:

    Same! I also quitted gaming.. But school's busy enough to keep my occupied~