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The dream job – Condom tester

Posted by Jz on Friday, July 31, 2009 | comments (8)

Short talk:123

People are studying for future, I mean, money. But nowadays, you have to throw a large amount of money in first.



Found this advertisement from wayangtimes, well, I just think that many people would like to apply for this job.




Urgently wanted, which means high demand, rightward shift of demand curve, equilibrium price increases, in the other words, high salary!


Male or female, why testing condoms needs female? You know what I mean, woohoooo.


and the most interesting part, 500 positions! For heaven’s sake! Since when there are so much!


I tell you, you better apply now if you’re interested, or else there will be no such chance after 2 years. Why? Because I’ll fucking do it for free when I’m 20!



Craziness in McDonald

Posted by Jz on Thursday, July 30, 2009 | comments (6)

Short talk:123

The first thing my mum did after learning computer is shut down my laptop while I was sleeping. LOL



Economics say that people have to make decisions due to limited resources. Of course, including:


Coffee or tea?


Well, things become easy when you have McDonald’s Mega Saving coupons on your hand.



You can just say:




Like what I did this morning.


To have the best taste, we need Creamer




and Sugar.




Just when I thought I was the craziest,




I saw my friend kept adding creamer to his tea, which had almost became pure white colour.




   'Friend, why you keep adding creamer arh?'



' I don’t know, I’ve added many already, but it still doesn’t become sweet. '




   'Creamer doesn’t help, add sugar lah friend.'



So he thought both are the same……


How his tea tastes like? His face explains everything.





A stupid cubical game

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | comments (0)

Short talk:123

Spending whole day sleeping like a pig. But still, it seems to be not enough.



My brother is addicted to this stupid game currently.




It is named as Rubik’s Cube or the most common one, Magic Cube. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must have only 1 colour.


In order to do that, one must be talented, or have the perseverance to try it out. And apparently I have none.


After trying for weeks and the cube still remained the same, my brother asked for a tutorial from his friend.




If I saw this without knowing that it’s a tutorial for the cube earlier, I will definitely think that it is a cheat code of mine years ago. Why? Because the freaking handwriting  looks like mine!


After weeks, finally, my brother…




has failed.




I’m sure that he will be freaked out when he sees this.





Land of the Lost

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | comments (3)

Short talk:123

Tip for presentation, choose a chapter in the bible, memorize, and read it outloud while swinging your hands randomly.



Watching a movie after test feels great as usual, although there are still a test and presentation this week. Well, who cares anyway.




It seems like a ‘Jurassic-Park-style’ movie from the poster, first thing came to my mind was some gays crash into an unknown place, attacked by the Tyrannosaurus and so on, boring and without creativeness at all.




This movie is funny overall, although some jokes are really lame. This would be a great movie if you need some laughs, sound effect is great too, especially the Tyrannosaurus’s part.




But the down part is, the storyline, which I found totally pointless at all.




Well, maybe you’d love the movie because of the creepy aliens, or whatever they call.




It misses the part protagonist comes out from Tyrannosaurus’s asshole anyway, probably censored in Malaysia.



Why study overseas?

Posted by Jz on Monday, July 27, 2009 | comments (5)

Short talk:abc

Stop telling me what to do, you’re killing my wicked creativeness.



Laziness fills me again, I know I’ve to start revising Marketing but not reading Harry Potter, since I want to become a Prime Minister. Blame the blue Monday, just as what my Math lecturer did today.


I used to think that studying overseas isn’t really a great thing, the main reason isn’t that I can’t be independence , but the food.




I don’t think food provided by other countries could match Penang’s. Maybe they could, but definitely, not hawkers food which my wallet could afford with.



And I guess the most difficult decision should be ‘what should I eat?’, especially when you have to ask yourself 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Hell, even asking myself once everyday in the college kills me and my friends.


Well, the senior in my previous post changed my mind again. Not with words, this time, but a picture.




Oh Mai God, someone just sends me to overseas already, babe I’m coming!



Sudden feelings

Posted by Jz on Sunday, July 26, 2009 | comments (0)

Short talk:123

Hell, I’ve already tried to rap everything, but it still took me 10 minutes. Gosh, tell me how to present a compare and contrast essay with 8 points in 5 minutes.


Another boring Sunday, instead of rusting at home as usual, I went to Gurney Plaza, where I used go to before this year. Less than five times, I went there, after the opening of the new wing, although I always remember the stall of sex toys.


Walking alone in this huge mall, and looking at the crowd, brought me some old memories. I saw the reflection of mine at those naive youngsters, I was just like them! Life was just meaningless for me, there was no aim or goal inside. I could spend my day by just walking in this mall with my friends for hours, which I feel it’s totally pointless now.


This year, I’ve realised that what’s actually beneficial to me, what I’m actually aspire after, and how cruel this world, and humanity are. It’s the law of jungle, the losers are always being filtered out.


Of course, I didn’t go there for nothing, I went there for a book.


Freakonomics, introduced by a friend, or maybe a senior. Well, listening to senior is always wise isn’t it? Especially when the senior is going to finish his 3rd year degree in Economics while I’m going to start my first year of degree in Economics next year.


Yes, I’ve decided what to study next year, briefly know, I mean. 60% Economics, 20% Business Management, 19% Marketing, and 1% Accounting.


Huh? Why 1% Accounting? You might ask. The senior awoke me,


‘You’re going to hire people to do accounts for you, not being hired to do accounts for others.’


For God’s sake! It’s hella true! No offence to accountants, I love account too, just that I’m going to hire people to do that for me.


Anyway, sorry for the boringness of this post, I just feel urge to write these feelings. In return, let me tell you a secret dream of mine. In the near future, I want to be a…




a Prime Minister…





An online magic

Posted by Jz on Saturday, July 25, 2009 | comments (5)

Short talk:123

Damn the traffic in Penang, going to town centre took me about 1 hour, Kedah also reach already lah 1 hour. But worth for the durian I guess LOL


envy me!


Received an email from a friend of mine, about a magic, by this what what David Copperfield. Lets start.










I admit that I was shocked at first, but after thinking twice, I knew how it actually happened without referring back.


Try to think, just refer back to the first picture if you couldn’t make it.


But if you fail this time, sorry, I’m speechless LOL



The messiest room

Posted by Jz on Friday, July 24, 2009 | comments (1)

Short talk:123

Economics down, nightmare begins. Holy shit, I don’t care, I’m going to be relax tonight.




There was a contest held by Ikea months ago, named as ‘Go clean your room contest’, or to make it more simple, ‘messiest room contest’.




Wanted to post about this for a long time, but keep forgetting until I went to the furniture exhibition in PISA today. Well, a lot of people had joined the contest.





Very obvious that some people made their room messy purposely, by throwing all their cloths everywhere. Like this:





And again, very obvious another kind of people were not going to win also.



You just called that messy!? Failed


So I was like,




Why? I guess I’ll show you my door and let you imagine the rest of my room.




I was planning to join until I saw something that made me hopeless and gave up.




Mum! My room isn’t the messiest yet!



It’d be an awesome week

Posted by Jz on Thursday, July 23, 2009 | comments (1)

Short talk:123

Too many things to be done, seems like another 7 months are needed to finish my Harry Potter.

24 July (Friday) – Economics test

This subject should be okay, I guess, as long as I finish my revision tonight. Perhaps it’d be a sleepless night again. Well, it’s just the beginning of the nightmare.


27 July (Monday) – English presentation

Fuck this up, I still haven’t touched this presentation at all, which means that I have to spend my lovely weekend on this, or become another dead meat like my last presentation.


28 July (Tuesday) – Marketing test

Great, another ‘haven’t-touched-subject’, since I’ve already decided to use my weekend on practicing my hella presentation, it means the only time I can use to revise on my dusted marketing notes is the Monday night, hell, kill me, kill me!


30 July (Thursday) – Software application test

It seems like a great thing to have a whole Wednesday to prepare for this subject, but no, the thing is I’m totally suck in this subject, how the hell could I remember all the names and functions of EVERY button. Spending whole night for the previous software application test only brought me a 28/50. Therefore, obviously, I’m dead.


31 July (Friday) – Software application assignment due date & presentation

At least I’ve a brief idea on the topic of my English presentation already, but for this one? I know nothing beside the due date. So to hell with Merlin’s bread (LOL?), my Wednesday isn’t only for the revision.



Thus, this week is totally fucked up, forgive me if I don’t blog for some days, of course I’ll still try my best. Okay, I better stop complaining and start doing.



But before that, I’ve to finish watching my TV, play some games, read some comics and take a nap first.



Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | comments (3)

Short talk:234

Car was hit by someone in INTI yesterday. Probably an idiot who has no driving skill at all, no matter who you’re, damn you.





Harry Potter movies have been criticized for its ‘over- summarized’ storyline compare to Harry Potter novels since the beginning. Once again, the same thing happens to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince lately.


All I can say is, please, stop comparing the novels with the movies, are you expecting a movie to use 2 and half hours to tell you every single detail in the novel? Which you used few days to finish?


As long as the movie makes every important thing clear, and creates the tone and atmosphere which couldn’t be found in the novel, then it should be a great movie!


Overall, I feel that this movie isn’t that bad, at least there are some amusing plots, and awesome effects, for example, the Dumbledore’s ulti.




Anyway, according to the original story, I don’t remember Death Eaters have the ability to transform in to an unknown flying black smoke, and bombard everything they like, like this,





I remember only Voldemort could fly without a broom. Ah, about Voldemort, I’m totally unsatisfied with the absence of Harry’s father.



Presentation failed

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | comments (4)

Short talk:123

Another presentation downs, 2 more presentations and 2 more tests to go before final exam.




Having our marketing presentation today, must say that it’s a fail for me.


We’ve been told that our time limit is 15 minutes, but I thought that lecturer wouldn’t care or mind if we go until 20 minutes, just like the other teams.


I thought I was well prepared, until the lecturer told us that he was in a rush and we, as the last team, had to finish everything up within 15 minutes, thus, I tried to make everything fast by skipping all the minor details, and ended up putting myself into nervous.


Ah, just fuck up, here are some pictures.





Sorry for the quality.


Anyway, taking picture with car when you’re in formal is cool.



Especially when the car isn’t yours.