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This is what we call life

Monday, June 29, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:33 PM

This is what we call life
Since we are born, we have been taught to be a good child
Study hard, read hard, and finally graduated from university.
Then working hard, and earning more money.
Save the money, buy a house, car, and insurance.
Found a wife accidently, well, get married, then run out of money

Then continue to working hard again, 30-year-old, where the bottleneck begins.
With no choice, study part time, and get a higher degree.
Back to the home, your wife is taking care of children, so couldn’t give a damn to you.

Children busy studying, also couldn’t give a damn to you.


On the first of the month, everything is money.
Children need your money. 
Your wife needs your money.
Your house needs your money.
Insurance needs your money.
Car needs your money .

Another new year, which means more and more money.
In addition to the above,
Mother needs your money.
Travel needs your money. 
Prada, Gucci, Padini also need your money 
Even Yun Nan Hair Care also needs your money.


40 years old, the crisis of men
Working hard, to keep their jobs. . . 
Begin to fear of losing their jobs, begin to pay attention to the young. 
Want to study, no money,

want to change job, high salary and age, impossible 
And a younger colleague  takes the manager seat where you have been desperated for

Children need more money in their secondary school.
Father's Day, use your money to buy you some things that you don’t use.
House, still needs your money
The old car starts to have problem, but still needs money!

So as your wife, and there will be no receipt forever, well, husband and wife need to trust each other isn’t it?

Go through 50, about to retire, the boss is still kpkb, well, ignore him.
A lot of Provident Fund! But children have to study abroad
All the fund, half to the children, the rest to his wife
Everything returns to zero.

Didn’t stay at home for decades, suddenly get to stay along with wife.
Your wife starts to complain about you, since you’re doing nothing

Then you need to do house works, sweeping, cleaning and grass cutting, car washing, and everything.
Finally you have involved from a cash machine to a servant.

Children graduate, take some photos and begin to look for job. 
Graduation = unemployment, job is so hard to find nowadays!

Finally, found a job which can only support themselves.

But they still live at home! Every month cincai cincai give parents RM100.

3 years later, the children finally accumulated work experience, and get a higher salary, but start to want a car.

Mother’s help +  own savings, pay the down payment

Now every month cincai cincai give parents RM200.


Job has begun to stabilize, but met a girlfriend accidently.
Due to the cost of car + girlfriend are too much, so can’t give more, still RM200 every month. 
2 years later, finally buy a house, then want to get married.
Wedding, travel, and whatever shits, use up all the saving, of course, so as your fund.

You’re still a zero.

Married, the children rarely come, occasionally came back to see their parents on holidays. 
Every month? Still the same, RM200.

Holy shit! Daughter in law give birth to a child, they need to work, job of taking care of the grandchildren falls on your hands.

Great, now you have new things to learn, like, nursing, singing or even dancing. 
Children every month cincai cincai give RM300.

Want to go for a trip, but too bad, doctor says that you’re too old for that.

Bo bian, everyday watch TV at home.


Life continues for few years,

Until you become a picture in the living room LOL


And that’s your life =D




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  1. Chili Crab says:

    Aww... I like this. This sounds true!!!

  1. wa... u like 50 year old miserable man reflecting on life =P

    Maybe when u really 50 year old time, you would remember this post and say "ppffft..."

  1. Jz says:

    You're the only one chris xD