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The revenge of Durian

Friday, June 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:32 PM

Went hiking yesterday again, it seems to be our weekly activity on every Thursday already. However, all the guys ‘put me aeroplane’, so I was the only guy there.


They even give me a girlish name calls Pinky. I hate pink, but like I will care about it, I’m not going to use lady’s toilet which has no urinal because of that name right? =P

Well, they have new names too, allow me to introduce!

11062009335 From the left: NaNa, Tum Tum, Ah Lian, Dai Ka Jie, Zee Zee(?)


Along the path, we saw some durian trees, then these girls started to discuss


"wa a lot durian lo, bring some back want ah?"

"walk faster lah, later durian drops la"

"So easy drop meh? where got so unlucky one!"


Just after while, a durian dropped beside one of my friends, all of us were shocked,



"Walk faster la, later kena durian lah"

"So easy kena meh, where got so unlucky one!"



I don’t know, you all discuss slowly, I run 1st, I have eaten so many durians (search durian at the search box) and they are coming for me!






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  1. monchichi says:

    Nana is not my name!

  1. r u sure u didn't set the durian trap 4 d girls.