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Movie: I Corrupt All Cops

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:01 PM


Genre: Action

Director: Wong Jing

Starring: Anthony Wong, Tony Leung, Eason Chan, Yao Meng, Bowie Lam, Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Jing Wong, Yang Liu, Lin Kong


The name itself is very creative, the ICAC here means I Corrupt All Cops whereas ICAC actually stands for Independent Commission Against Corruption



The movie background is on the early 1970s, the dark age of Hong Kong under British colonial rule. During that time, all the polices were highly corrupted and believe that in the span of 10 years between 1963-1973, the amount of money involved in corruption amounted to 100 million. Until the real ICAC was established in 1974 to clean up the corruption in Hong Kong.


Well, out of expected this Wong Jing’s film isn’t as funny as his old opuses. Nevertheless, I Corrupt All Cops is undoubtedly his best film in years, not only because of the intriguing historical background, but also some awesome cast in the movie.


Personally I love two parts of this movie. The first one is the corruptions of the police, watching those money makes me feel like: ‘wow, corrupt me pl0x’, the second part is Anthony Wong, who seems to be having fun of throwing all the Cantonese bad words in every scene.


This worth a watch, i guess




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