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Why Prime Minister?

Monday, May 18, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:37 PM

I’m totally sick of the dark side of politics. God knows what they’re doing behind the masks they wear in front of citizens. Well, I’m not going to talk about what I know about those shitty stuffs without proof.


Why people wants to be Prime Minister? Prime Minister has the interests of the nation and his people at heart? Found an article about the pay and benefits of our Prime Minister, and I’m not surprised. here



Monthly pay:

  1. Basic pay – RM 18,000
  2. Allowance (Entertainment) – RM 10,500.00
  3. Allowance (House) – RM 10,800.00
  4. Allowance (People Representative) – RM 10,650.00
  5. Allowance (Parking) – RM 5,700

Total- RM 55,650


Does that parking allowance including parking tickets? lol




  1. Free electric supply
  2. Free water supply
  3. Free telephone usage
  4. Free Mercedes S320, with a cellphone, a driver, and free petrol.
  5. All donations to charity organization can be claimed
  6. House fitment/renovation can be claimed up to RM40,000
  7. Travel to other country once per year for free including flight, hotel, and pocket money up to RM50,000
  8. Claim allowance up to RM45,000 normally which is not listed in monthly pay
  9. Full payment by the government for open house party held, RM400,000 normally.


I’m sure that some of them is overstated, maybe a lesser amount of money, but are these necessary for a Prime Minister? If these are truth, what is the use of his monthly ‘RM 55,650’?


Why my dad didn’t tell me this……..





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  1. Brigante says:

    You should be in politics :) Jojo

  1. says:

    wow... so much..
    but its reasonable due to the responsibility and workload a prime minister has.. =)

  1. ~G~ says:

    wahhh ~~~!!
    u never say i never know ~!! wahsheh ~! damn much wei ~!!!