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What could you bring to hostel?

Friday, May 29, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:22 PM

What could or what could you bring to hostel when you can back to home weekly?


Check out a friend of mine, he is from Kedah, comes to Penang every Sunday and goes back every Friday. Went to the hostel to get a shower there yesterday, and his tiny room made me surprised.


He said that he doesn’t have a laptop, so….a desktop

28052009261 yes, with a printer.


Of course, when he said desktop, he needs a desk too.


28052009261 - Copy

He claimed that it’s too hot when he is using computer, so, he brought a fan here too.



I guess the next thing he brings will be air conditional and an Astro aerial….



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  1. I brought a fan to my small hostel room in penang oso lol. Really hot lo..

  1. I thought it was a laptop fan but then, i remembered that u mentioned a desktop :P