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The trip of fruits

Sunday, May 24, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:01 PM

Stop McValue’ing already! I know it’s very cheap!



Can you guys stop following others and do something special? Like taking fruits as your lunch?


I use to do that whenever durian season is coming. I tell you I don’t care what ‘Ang Mo’s’ think about it, like shit or whatever, I just love it, the king of fruit.






more duriansssssss 


Many duriansssssssssss 17052009218

Where is it? Lorong Susu, Macalister Road, beside the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Centre.


The best thing should be having some manggis as the ‘cooling’ food of ‘hot’ durians.


and a coconut =P



Guaranteed full xD


By the way, some quotes for durian lovers

AN elderly Thai man died after over-indulging in the notoriously pungent durian fruit, police said today, becoming the kingdom's second person to die this month from consuming the so-called king of fruit.

The ministry advised eating no more than two segments of durian a day, warning that the fruit's calorie content posed a threat to people with high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes.

(quoted from



Well, who would give a damn actually…LOL


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  1. huhu... craving for durians now.