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Spot check

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:09 PM

I miss the days in secondary school, teachers were teaching in a damn slow speed, and I had been doing nothing but talking, fooling around and bitching about the school for 5 years. I love my school, but not when the ‘money eating policies’, damned prefects, and spot checks go through my mind.


I seldom brought illegal things to school, beside some liquid papers, foods, shampoo (yes shampoo, I used to bath in school illegally), and my hair. Therefore, I hate spot check so much, especially when they caught me to discipline teachers and cut my hair into a ‘helmet-like’ shape.


Well, I don’t mind if my school has a spot check like this.


Underwear spot check! Woooohooooo~~~


Eh wait, my school was a boy school……………….



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  1. BLue says:

    waliao, this pic damn long ago XD

  1. I would put on a wig and a mini skirt just to b ther during d spot check.