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Rumours about the length of genitals

Saturday, May 9, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:13 PM

Hopefully this post will help girls to know about the ‘size’ of their boyfriend genitals. For guys, if you will feel offended due to any bla bla reason, I suggest you to leave now.


I don’t know about girls, but guys do discuss about this issue often, and compare their penises sometime. Well, who knows if what they say was real? I bet some of them did make it x1.3 x1.5 or even x2 compare to the ‘actual size’.


According to the rumours, there are some ways to know about the length without looking at it. The first one is using the formula.


I found it on a newspaper, according to it, the formula can be applied to most of the Asian (I mean MOST).


( Height / 10 ) – 4.5cm


for example Yao Ming has the height of 229cm

image ( 229cm / 10 ) – 4.5cm

= 22.9cm – 4.5cm



He is a horse……


For the second one, according to the rumour, it can be measured by his hand. Like this



The drawback is it could be affected by hobby, for example pianists have longer fingers normally but playing piano doesn’t actually affect the length of genital (or else I’ll start learning piano). I couldn’t find an example so I guess I’ll just use myself. Mine is like:



hahahahaha~ laugh as what you like





Okay just kidding…


To verify the authenticity, you may compare these two and see whether you have the same result. Well, they might not admit, but they know how much they got actually. LOL



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  1. monchichi says:

    laugh until my stomach pain a..
    That YAO MING aneh meh.....

  1. Lurve's Joy says:

    really yoa ming??
    tis is funny
    really guys talk about tat. embarrassing la

  1. wayang times says:

    lol this ia good post J'z. so does the formula work for u ;)

    i chanced upon this blog when i saw ur link on kenny sia's chatbox.

    if u r interested to do a link exchange, drop me a comment on my blog at

  1. wayang times says:

    linked to u too thanks :)

  1. William says:

    Hahaha... I never knew about this. The error margin is probably +-3cm!