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Photoshop is Gay

Sunday, May 17, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:00 PM

Photoshop shouldn’t be an unfamiliar software nowadays, and it should be classified as the best application software ever.


Photoshop helps people to edit photos and pictures, but most of the people are using it to beautify their appearance in photos, and the differences between a ‘phtoshoped’ and an ‘unphotoshoped’ photo are pretty gay.


I guess these explain











Good news for ladies, and some men perhaps, Photoshop gives boobs



Actually, these are not gay enough.





Grab a photoshop and start learning like me now!!

But I tell you, actually I’m the master………..





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  1. inkish27 says:

    the last picture looks like it wasn't editted.. just replaced...

    but overall.. nice post.. XD

  1. J'z says:

    last one is a joke lol

  1. monchichi says:

    lol..i know that!!
    last one mana ko leng^^~

  1. Joanne Chan says:

    I did receive this forwarded-email too.. but I don't want to post, afraid the 'good-looking' guys and girls saw it..

    haha.. anyway nice post =)

  1. pid says:

    lol..r u insane