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Movie: Bohsia

Monday, May 4, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:03 PM

Was expecting that the class ended at 4pm, but found out that we don’t have to attend MPW1113 since we all got a credit in Bahasa Malaysia in SPM. So, Queensbay Mall as usual.


Watched a local movie, Bohsia

image Bohsia stands for those female loafers, gangster or whatever in Malay . Well, let start with the bad things


-Some Malays sat on our seats and claimed that that’s their seats, which pissed me off.

-Storyline is normal as expected, and I’m not satisfied with the ending.

-They simplified all the sexual scenes, slapping >push to the bed>hugging>?>?>wear cloths

-Just able to understand conversations in the movie briefly, and there is no Chinese or even English subtitle for us.


But actually it brings me some ‘local feeling’, especially the illegal bike racings and the fighting parts, I could feel that it’s so ‘real’, maybe it’s because the local background and the vehicles are so common in Malaysia.


Found a movie that I want to watch in the future too

05052009200 It’s a local movie, and I was attracted by the movie description there.


05052009201 一部 A

爆笑 super funny

爱情 romantic/love

血腥 bloody

歌舞剧 musical drama


Speechless…..I’m very interested on how the director made this film…..



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  1. monchichi says:

    ya..i wanna watch these too..hey 7may KIA!!!go watch..very funny eh..and the theme song also very funny~yohoo~