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Memory Test

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:24 PM

Found this when I was blog hoping, surprising that my result isn’t bad, above average a bit xD


You need to remember 2 set of pictures which contain 12 pictures each, then pick them out from 45 pictures and categorise them. Check it out here.


If you want a test with more details, here. Warning, it’s a freaking long test and my eyelids was so heavy while I was doing it. Here is my result.


Not very accurate actually, my memorizing skill is well known by all my friends, I forget to fetch a friend home after class even though he just told me in the morning; I found that I forgot to bring my bag on the way to college; I always forget who I lend money from, and to; My friends need to remind me 1000 times if they want something from me.


And that’s the reason why I never pass my history in secondary school!



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  1. phingy says:

    heyz lol i did the test too. i got 100 and 87 percent. which is weird! i never remember ppl's faces hahaha ;D