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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:18 PM

Went into Meetoto once accidently and found that it’s funny. When you’re in the game, go to the stage and you will find someone singing.


The funny part is almost every performer will get scolded by the audiences, like this



(Oii…very miserable lah… shut up lah)


and the performer will probably stop singing, and scold:


‘You so clever you come up and sing lah!’


And there are many ‘sampats’ in there, like:

1 - Copy (3)( Looking for people to chat)

Your mother would be glad to chat with you.


1 - Copy (4)

What? Free beers provided?


1 - Copy (5) (Why must him treats me like this! My heart is wrenching!)

No matter what he did, I guess your sampatness deserves it.


1 - Copy (6)

Because you’re naked in there too?


1 - Copy (7)

(Checking FS comments)

Is there anything to do with us?




(He doesn’t want me already, but I still miss him)

You scare no people know you got dumped?


4 - Copy

(Want you you you sex sex me)

Just stop watching porn already.



Well, although they’re freaking sampat, there are still some people who get to be hooked up.

1 - Copy

1 - Copy (2)

This place isn’t suitable for me, but if you’re over age, sampat, looking for sex, or want to be scammed (here), I guess that’s the place for you.


What? Because you sing well? By >>this<<?

Join Malaysian Idol lah ban~



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  1. Aaa.. so long no meetoto. U didnt mention 1 more type of sampat ppl. Those scold bad words, then other ppl ask to diam, then the scolder replies "come here if you dare. Sure die wan".....

    er.... come whr?

  1. Jz says:

    LOL that kind of people is in all of the games, but in fact they're just kid in front of his computer

  1. never played the game but it sure does look cute!

    haha. thanks for dropping by. clicked on your nuffie ads. =)