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Happy mother’s day, grandma

Sunday, May 10, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:25 PM

Second Sunday of May, yea, mother’s day, dad brought us and grandma to have a dinner as usual yesterday.


My grandma is like a queen in this family, everyone respects her, or maybe I should say ‘scared of’ her. We must follow what she says, and do what she wants. She used to be complaining everything whenever she was in the car, she complained her friends for not informing her about their trips, complained about her daughter for her late, everything.


She could just angry of us because of a small stuff like forget to reply her call, didn’t tell her our exam result, or even forget to call her to thanks her for her present. If we’re lucky, she will call us to complain for few hours, but if we’re unlucky, she will cry for weeks and telling others that we’re not filial piety.


That’s the past, weeks ago, my dad fetched to eat some durians, she sat silently in the car, even when we found that no local durian was sold and turned back. Yesterday, she just sat there and having her food. She didn’t talk much, less than 10 sentences for the whole dinner I guess.


I had been waiting for this! But when it comes, I found that I’m not feeling glad at all. My grandma is getting older, her health doesn’t allow her to complain anymore. When I saw how she walked down from the stairs, my heart felt a wrench, it’s so pain. How I hope she could call me and scold me for hours again.


Appreciate, and love our family. No one knows how much time is remaining for us. Happy mother’s day, grandma, I love you.


Okay okay I know you’re angry, happy mother’s day mum, I love you too =D



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  1. wen pink says:

    awww i hope ur grandma is getting better by now.. as in her health wise.. and happy mother's day! i'm sure ur grandma would be so touched if she knew u blogged about her and wished her here! :)

  1. nik says:

    nice blog