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Economy Crisis

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:42 PM

Before any shit, I would like to quote a great opinion of my friend in his presentation today:


'H1N1 brings positive effect like reduce human population…’


I feel so lucky that I’m still studying, or else looking for a job would be a difficulty in the situation of economy nowadays. Even those with experiences got fired, chance for newbie like me is almost near to 0%.


Compare the unemployment rate



Many large company bankrupted, many company downsized by cutting down their budget for human resource, so if your salary and work day had been cut, you should feel lucky as you’re not one of those who had ‘filtered’ by their company.



Seriously, even those famous product spokesperson lost their job, for example representative of KFC.



I found him working for Pizza Hut few days ago…..




not sure if he is doing a part time job……




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  1. monchichi says:

    wah...idea alot hor~

  1. lol... pity Colonel Chicken. I guess Pizza Hut is finger licking good too..

  1. kennhyn says:

    haha, lucky he work for Pizza Hut for part time, imagine he change to McKFC... haha

  1. 30ats says:

    quite clever, that last photo. hehehe

  1. ladyviral says:

    Pizza hut have always been under the KFC Holdings. They from the same family o.O