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The days in Kedah

Friday, May 1, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 2:31 PM

Kedah isn’t as modern as Penang, but some sceneries there are really attracting, and can’t be found in Penang.



But to tell the truth, facing these for 4 days is too much for me. Well, it’s another case for people in Kedah, most of them love the scenery so much, they drive in the empty road at the speed around 50km/hr, which is not acceptable for people in Penang, especially me, who wanted to press the horn so much when I was at their back.


I saw 2 uncles who’re around 50 in a kopitiam when I was eating there, everything of them is normal beside they were drinking Coca-cola, eating Char Kuey Teow and O-Kak.

image image Seem like they’re not scaring of Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Their conversation is cool too


(Uncle 2 ordered a O-Kak)


Uncle 1: Still order? I’m so full already.


Uncle 2: Share share with you, eat a bit.


Uncle 1: You eat so much one?


Uncle 2: This time okay already, last time, I ate a Keuy Teow Teng, Wan Tan Mee, economy rice.


Uncle 1: Waaaa


Uncle 2: And a cup Milo ice. Yesterday I went to drink also.


Uncle 1: Beers?


Uncle 2: Yea, I can drink a lot one, but I cant drink whisky.


Uncle 1: Why?


Uncle 2: Don’t like, but yesterday they forced me to drink, no choice, I drank quite a lot.


Uncle 1: wow, drove  back yourself?


Uncle 2: Of course.


When people are old, they lost all their motivation, their children will take care of them, so they just spend their time talking about these pointless things. Yea, they’re lucky, much more better than this


For this kind of people, others might say: They have legs and hands, they just never help themselves. Maybe, but this world is realistic, did chance ever given to them?


Well, after seeing these, I found a long term goal of my life! I hope that I won’t talk about my grandmother’s story in a kopitiam when I reach their age, and I want to be like:







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  1. Walao havent eaten today then see ur char kuay teow really swt.

    Eh, u almost everyday got new post.. vry rajin eh. Can b kenny sia's protege.

  1. J'z says:

    Kenny? I'm still too far away lol

  1. monchichi says:

    Wish u then..xDD