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Cinta Sayang Club

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:47 PM

My dad loves golf, and that’s the only reason why he joins Cinta Sayang Club, familiar name? Yea, the place where a naked woman dead body was found . As the family of him, we can use all the facilities provided by the club, well, not really interested in it.


Went to help grandma to clean up her house, and dad decided to play golf after that, so all of us had to follow him to the club.


He was playing golf…

18052009226 My mother and brother were swimming…


I was so lazy for everything, so I just keep walking and walking, until I spotted a place, which suit me the most, gym.


and I found that it is a great place, to sleep….


Yea, I’m hella lazy…LOL



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  1. black says:

    well,u look like so free
    then i think is the time u back to here