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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:44 PM

Found this couple of weeks ago.


The top 3 of the most valuable brand in 2008, Microsoft, with brand value of $59,001m


has introduced Cibai to the world.


Of course, as the citizens of Malaysia, we know Cibai very well as we have been contacting or using this word quite often since we were small.


Cibai is used like the ‘fuck’ in western countries.


It can be a sentence by itself.


Or works as an Verb.


Or works as a Noun.

4 Or works as a Pronoun.

5 Or works as an Adjective.



For example:

cibai_look_cibai In this situation, we can say that:

Cibai (single word)! This Cibai (pronoun) kia is really Cibai (adjective)loh! He is looking at a Cibai (noun)!


But I guess it doesn’t mean ‘interpretation-based static analyzer’ or whatever when it’s said by Malaysian.






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  1. monchichi says:

    The last 1 really really..

  1. Haro Genki says:

    oh lol, it really came out.

  1. As a future English teacher, I think cibai and fuck is good in learning language! XD

  1. Jz says:

    You will be an awesome English teacher then.. LOOOL