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The best things in Queensbay Mall

Thursday, May 21, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 5:23 PM

With no doubt that Queensbay Mall is the largest mall in Penang.


All branded cloths and accessories can be found there, well, if you think that those are the best things in Queensbay Mall, you’re wrong.


Went to Queensbay Mall again early in 10am, I guess that is the best way to spend that 4 hours break time. The first place to go, of course, Jusco, but…



With no other choice for a good student like me, I went to Popular to read some books to improve my English.


21052009240 And fell asleep just after 5 minutes…


okay okay, stop joking.


Went back to Jusco again, for what I was craving for, Sushi~!



 21052009243 I just can’t stop myself from buying them to satisfy my tongue whenever I go to Queensbay. They’re freaking awesome! Beside they don’t sell Golden Ball in Sushi King.



I just love them!

21052009244 and the best pearl bubble tea in this world.


To hell with this post, I start feeling hungry again T.T




Some memories

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  1. Yea a useful post 4 me.
    Argh Golden Balls...
    y oh y do u hv to put the pic thr
    One of my 'must curi' when i worked at sushi king last time.