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Harry’s Father

Posted by Jz on Sunday, May 31, 2009 | comments (4)

I was so bored during this weekend, so this kuso…

PPS 2009-05-31 03'24''36

PPS 2009-05-31 03'24''56

PPS 2009-05-31 03'25''08 PPS 2009-05-31 16'39''01 PPS 2009-05-31 16'40''19 PPS 2009-05-31 16'38''22

PPS 2009-05-31 16'33''36

PPS 2009-05-31 16'34''50

PPS 2009-05-31 16'35''30

PPS 2009-05-31 16'36''48 PPS 2009-05-31 16'32''45 PPS 2009-05-31 16'32''34 PPS 2009-05-31 16'40''40





Parking lots failed

Posted by Jz on Saturday, May 30, 2009 | comments (2)

Beside parking failed and parking like an ass, parking on a double yellow line is also very common in Penang.



Do put in mind that parking on the double yellow line is an offence, so do that if you want to increase the income of our government.


Where should we park the car then? Inside the yellow box? Like this?



Really ah? Sure ah?





Parking lots failed.



What could you bring to hostel?

Posted by Jz on Friday, May 29, 2009 | comments (2)

What could or what could you bring to hostel when you can back to home weekly?


Check out a friend of mine, he is from Kedah, comes to Penang every Sunday and goes back every Friday. Went to the hostel to get a shower there yesterday, and his tiny room made me surprised.


He said that he doesn’t have a laptop, so….a desktop

28052009261 yes, with a printer.


Of course, when he said desktop, he needs a desk too.


28052009261 - Copy

He claimed that it’s too hot when he is using computer, so, he brought a fan here too.



I guess the next thing he brings will be air conditional and an Astro aerial….



Just kill me already

Posted by Jz on Thursday, May 28, 2009 | comments (1)

I just spent my Thursday in a gay way.


The guys and girls was arguing where to go today, the guys wanted to play badminton, and the girls wanted to have mountain climbing. In order to fulfil our ‘gentlemanliness’ and our interest, this time table was made among the guys.


  • 8.00am – 10.00am > Class
  • 10.00am – 12.00pm > Badminton
  • 12.00pm – 2.00pm > Bath + Lunch
  • 2.00pm – 4.00pm > Class (wth)
  • After 4.00pm > Mountain climbing (omfg)

I guess we were mad, for putting badminton between two classes, and going to mountain climbing after badminton. Well, everything was going as our plans, we went to play badminton first.


This guy actually tried to show us how he beat three opponents by his own.




But he doesn’t know that the real PRO (me me) doesn’t like to show off.



Sorry sorry, I’m a noob actually. xD



We did what we said! Mountain climbing after class!

The cool thing is someone was going in a very cool outfit, like jeans.




The girls were running so fast, they thought there was no more run left in us after badminton? NOO!


And I went beyond them.



They started to lose their breath, but too bad, that’s just the beginning, the real nightmare was the endless stairs.


28052009267(Sexy jeans guy =P)

With our deadly perseverance, we succeeded, we made it! Even though few aunties and uncles had passed by.



North Laugh Mountain (direct translation)


Then the people walking around,

28052009269 28052009275

looking at the scenery,




Staring at the bugs,



and chatting with the dog,


28052009268 (everything in the chatboxes above is real, beside the dog’s one….maybe)



28052009276 Group photo of us (not including uncle behind)

What? Next week again?

Just kill me already…………..






Posted by Jz on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 | comments (3)

Went into Meetoto once accidently and found that it’s funny. When you’re in the game, go to the stage and you will find someone singing.


The funny part is almost every performer will get scolded by the audiences, like this



(Oii…very miserable lah… shut up lah)


and the performer will probably stop singing, and scold:


‘You so clever you come up and sing lah!’


And there are many ‘sampats’ in there, like:

1 - Copy (3)( Looking for people to chat)

Your mother would be glad to chat with you.


1 - Copy (4)

What? Free beers provided?


1 - Copy (5) (Why must him treats me like this! My heart is wrenching!)

No matter what he did, I guess your sampatness deserves it.


1 - Copy (6)

Because you’re naked in there too?


1 - Copy (7)

(Checking FS comments)

Is there anything to do with us?




(He doesn’t want me already, but I still miss him)

You scare no people know you got dumped?


4 - Copy

(Want you you you sex sex me)

Just stop watching porn already.



Well, although they’re freaking sampat, there are still some people who get to be hooked up.

1 - Copy

1 - Copy (2)

This place isn’t suitable for me, but if you’re over age, sampat, looking for sex, or want to be scammed (here), I guess that’s the place for you.


What? Because you sing well? By >>this<<?

Join Malaysian Idol lah ban~




Posted by Jz on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 | comments (4)

Found this couple of weeks ago.


The top 3 of the most valuable brand in 2008, Microsoft, with brand value of $59,001m


has introduced Cibai to the world.


Of course, as the citizens of Malaysia, we know Cibai very well as we have been contacting or using this word quite often since we were small.


Cibai is used like the ‘fuck’ in western countries.


It can be a sentence by itself.


Or works as an Verb.


Or works as a Noun.

4 Or works as a Pronoun.

5 Or works as an Adjective.



For example:

cibai_look_cibai In this situation, we can say that:

Cibai (single word)! This Cibai (pronoun) kia is really Cibai (adjective)loh! He is looking at a Cibai (noun)!


But I guess it doesn’t mean ‘interpretation-based static analyzer’ or whatever when it’s said by Malaysian.