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Why guys can’t stop looking at sexy girls

Sunday, April 19, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:09 PM

Sometimes, a girlfriend follows her boyfriend, to the beach

scarborough beach Of course, the beach, there might be some bikinis~

weight-loss-bikini-beach as a normal guy, the boyfriend starts staring at them, so the girlfriend will be like

angry-woman-2and the boyfriend


So, people says that:

‘If a guy never, he is not a he’


Guys born to be like this, they like to look at girls, why? I found an awesome example, a girl wants to buy a sunglasses in a shop, she likes one of those so much, but……

DSC00356 Will she try it? maybe yes, maybe no, but how when the situation is like this


DSC00356 - Copy Yes, they tell you not to try but they prepare a mirror for you, same for the guys, girls tell them not to look at girls but their cloths is like, ‘man-attracting’?


So stop blaming guys for looking at girls! WOOO



Sorry xDDD

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    sorry to who..

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    deng deng deng ~
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