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Sorry, and Damn you

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:46 PM

Didn’t update yesterday due to some problems with the Streamyx ( Malaysia internet provider)


I was so pissed yesterday, tyre blow-out yesterday, wasted some time on it, because of that, I have to use high-way which will be jammed during evening instead of using the hill’s road. And my mum called me non-stop when I was jammed like an ass, that made me feel annoying, and she told me that:


Internet cannot be used’


What? Internet is my life! When I reached home, my face was like:


I saw a strange guy stood beside the computer, his name is Thomas, he tried to explain to me, he said that he just remove the CCTV’s line from the new phone line to the old phone line, and my brother found that the internet couldn’t be used already, so he used 2 hours to try everything out before I reach home.


So this problem occurred when he was switching the lines, I didn’t scold him, but according to my mum, I was like ‘someone is going to die for this’, I tried to call Streamyx to check it out, but nobody answered my phone, I ended up sitting on the sofa with a face like ‘disturb me if you want to die’. He looked so scare, and my mum sent him back due to the time.


After he backed, I made a call to a computer servicer nearby, after I explained to her:


You’re the fourth one, many people complained already’


When did they call you?


Since around 5pm.


5pm, yea around that time, I called my friends who stay nearby to confirm it again. Fuck! Streamyx thought the problem can be solved by ignoring our call! Gosh, I feel so sorry to Thomas! Sorry for my idiotic attitude to him. Well, I did call him to apologize.


Sorry Thomas, and damn you Streamyx!



My car for tomorrow xD

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  1. reader says:

    streamyx provides "wonderful" services =='''

  1. J'z says:

    they don't even answer the phone and apologize zz