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Saturday, April 4, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 4:04 PM

FAQ stands for Fucking Annoying Questions, hell no sorry I meant Frequently Asked Questions. To prevent any misunderstanding, read these before you start anything.


Am I welcomed here? I’m Osama

Whoever you’re, you’re welcomed


Whose blog is this?

Apparently this is my blog.


Who’re you?

J’z aka Jack, a normal guy.


Huh why J’z?

My name is Jack Lim, and there are like, 10000 of Jack Lim in a single road? The shortcut of my name is JLZP, I guess J’z is better than J’L or J’P right? lolx


Are those picture you?

Yes I guess


You look cool!

Adobe Photoshop works well.


You look suck!

Thanks xD


You put something illegal here!

If that’s true, I’ll apologize.


Why did you take others picture, did you notice or inform them?

No, that’s my right.


I’m going to sue you for that!

Read THIS before you threaten me with police or lawyer


Can you remove the picture/video of mine?

sure, talk to me nicely but not ordering me or greeting to my mother


Er, sorry, your English, suck?

Hell yeah I know, sorry for that, I'm still trying my best to improve it.


I got some advices.

Sure, email me,


I hate you, Jack.

I’m ready for the haters since I started this blog, you could choose to use a shortcut which Microsoft designs for you ‘alt+f4’, or continue to stay pissed here.


You’re an ass, Jack.

That’s the best compliment ever, insult or humiliate me with whatever you like, if you think that your effort will make me feel bad.


I don’t care, I don’t give a fuck to you, you’re a n00b, haha~~

Idiots will not be entertained.