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A letter from INTI

Saturday, April 11, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:07 PM

Once I reached home, my mum passed a letter from INTI to me.


I didn’t miss any class, so for sure that it’s not a warning letter, and this is the week of final exam, so it won’t be a letter about my result too. Therefore, there is only two possibility left


First- A letter to inform me about fee and date for next semester


Second- A letter with a title like this:

You Have Been Awarded As The Most Potential Student In 2009

ahem~ Well, after I opened it, surprisingly it’s not,



Apparently they want me to ‘visit their college’ with my parents so that we could ‘know more about INTI college’ and ‘study in their college’.


I have received like 1000 letters like this from different colleges since I graduated from secondary school. But I never thought that I’ll receive one from my own college, they don’t even know who is their student, or perhaps INTI college is just too warm hearted?



Potential student ahem LOL

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