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I can’t cook for a reason

Thursday, April 23, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:45 PM

I can’t cook, because I want to save our country! We’re in Global Economy Crisis right now, so eat at restaurant/hawker foods = putting more money into the market = save our country.


Okay, fine, I admit that I failed at cooking. I don’t even know how to use my microwave oven, my greatest success beside instant noodle is:


Yes, half boiled eggs, by using

image which only requires me to pour hot water in according to the amount of egg. This prove that I didn’t inherit my mother’s cooking skills. Wait, did I say my mother cooking skills?


I found one picture

24042009160 This is what she cooked for me, well, I had rice,

24042009160 - Copy fish,

24042009160 - Copy - Copy and, er…what?

24042009160 - Copy - Copy (2) not really sure if it is ‘eatable’, but according to her, that is:











Soy sauce








24042009160 - Copy - Copy (2)

As her son, I finished it. So, stop blaming me for don’t know how to cook.


By the way, I’m not blaming you mother, I love you and your foods =D




Cooking failed

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