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The Chinese Foods’ Name

Sunday, April 5, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:28 PM

It’s a tradition for Chinese to give a good name for their food, this started since thousands years ago, the Emperors of China always wants their food to be special, to be nobleness. For example Man-Han style Banquet (满汉全席), which consists of at least 108 unique of dishes from the Manchu and Han Chinese culture with different names. Nowadays we only able to test few kinds of it.




Well, now we know Chinese foods have cool name, but how when they translate them into English? Went to a restaurant, and they have a menu like this:


04042009129 - Copy (14) Lets look at the first one



I also don’t know how to translate, but after translated, it really simple?

04042009129 - Copy (3) More examples,


04042009129 - Copy (4) 04042009129 - Copy (6)

These two, become something like these:

04042009129 - Copy (5) 04042009129 - Copy (7)


Okay, for the ‘Fresh Water Prawn Noodle’. Yes the first two words mean fresh prawn, but why must be ‘Fresh Water Prawn Noodle’? Word by word? Fresh Prawn Fried Born Noodle is better. I was wondering why they just don’t name it as Prawn Noodle.

Well, if you think that these are simple enough, you are wrong

04042009129 - Copy (8)

Word by word it will be ‘Old Fire Boiling Beauty Soup’, but…

04042009129 - Copy (9)


Soup of the day………………………..

04042009129 - Copy (10) I bet you will say Beijing Duck, but no………04042009129 - Copy (11) Peking, instead of Beijing, if you feel that they are wrong, no, you failed your history, like me, LOL. Beijing was called as Peking (After I found in dictionary xD)


04042009129 - Copy (12)

I bet you will never guess these two. Pork Ribs? Fried Chicken?


04042009129 - Copy (13)





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