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Chin Bee Restaurant

Sunday, April 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:40 PM


A newspaper introduces this Chin Bee Restaurant, so my dad brought us to give it a try. We went out at 7pm although my dad booked 8pm because we need some times to find it out and reached there about 7.30pm.


restaurant was full, the manager there (I suppose), told us:


Lu pek diam eh pek diam ka lai

(You booked 8pm one come at 8pm)

Damn? This is how they serve the customers? If it’s full, they can say it in a polite way!


8pm one is it? Sorry we’re full now, can you all come back later please?


Why are they so conceit? Because they’re in the newspaper? Please, an idiot also knows why a newspaper will use a whole page to introduce the foods when they can use the slots for other profitable advertisements.

12042009149 And we waited until 8.30pm for the food to be served, please, my dad already booked everything, and still we had to wait. Maybe that’s a skill? Their food will be delicious if they serve it when the customers are hungry.


However, their foods aren’t bad, seriously, you could give a try on it if you can take their attitude. Before I end this topic, again,

12042009148 the Jack’s style picture of their plates, I mean food……..





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