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A case in National Service

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:16 PM

National Service in Malaysia is a great program by

image Malaysia new Prime Minister. Until now, many people say that the camps are haunted, full of diseases, and caused death. Well, you all know that Jack never says anything without proof, check this

Malaysian National Service VS. Iraq War: 46 Times Less Lethal


Well, according to him, there are total 21 deaths until now. I don’t know if this is the truth but, there is a case like this lately, a guy got hit by other in the room.



According to him, he was talking with the others, and suddenly got hit from the back. Why? Because he is a busy-body, he called others to shut up when they were lining up.


I know this guy, he is from Chung Ling High School, he is already a busy-body since that time, well, this isn’t secondary school anymore, there is no prefects or discipline teachers to protect you anymore.


People won’t hit you because of a ‘shut up’ right? You know what he did? He wrote a latter to the official when he saw others smoking in the camp and also reported the one who bought cigarettes into the camp.


His dad said that he got the so called ‘sense of justice’. In the world, the ‘sense of justice’ will never help you on anything, all you need is a clear conscience of yourself, knowing that what is wrong, make sure that you don’t do anything of it. TRY not to butt into others stuffs, even though you know they’re wrong, of course only if they don’t interfere you. Or maybe you will get the result like him

image After he got hit, he said that his right hand couldn’t function well anymore, and his speed of talking doesn’t seem to be right. Are these worth for the ‘sense of justice’?


Again, always remember that,

stop sticking your butt to the others stuffs.


Before I end this topic,







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