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Damn the traffic jam

Posted by Jz on Thursday, April 30, 2009 | comments (4)

Finally I’m back to my sweet home. The stupid traffic jam on the Penang Bridge makes me pissed, they never finish expanding the bridge, it’s been a long time!

01052009195 I know it’s labour day tomorrow, and most of the people will get 3 holidays continuously, but why the heck people are flooding into Penang!


There is nothing special in Penang, nothing! Beside….

stellix’s damn hella awesome CENDOL


and Kek Lok Si Temple

image and Penang Hill

image and Snake Temple


and famous Laksa

image and Penang hawker food


and a Jack


Like that only maaaa


So stop flooding to Penang!



jk jk jk xD

The world needs me

Posted by Jz on Sunday, April 26, 2009 | comments (4)

I’m sorry but I’m not going to blog for next 4 days, the world needs me, and I just couldn’t ignore it just because of myself. I need to go out, pickup my guns, and save the world!!


Yes, parts of the earth are in chaos now, everything is destroyed there.



The cause of this idiotic chaos is those living deads who got infected, and there are tons of them.



They will rush to me when they see me, or probably hop or jump to me.



So I need to concentrate, to blow all their heads, and they’re fierce yet bloody.


Yes, bloody…..


So approximately I need 4 days to make them vanish, I’ll be back on Friday, of course, if I survive…….



Try this game, it’s not bad, especially when like 10000 of living deads are running toward you.


Well, actually I’m going to other state for 4 days, and I won’t bring my laptop along since there will be no wireless.


See you all until then =D




Direct Translation

Posted by Jz on Saturday, April 25, 2009 | comments (1)

First we need to know what is ‘direct translation’, I guess pictures will explain it.












To tell the truth, Malaysia is flooded with tons of pirated stuffs, the most common one we have DVDs and CDs. At the same time ‘technology of pirated stuffs’ is improving too, the quality of movies, songs, software, games is getting higher and higher, but who the hell invented the damn direct translation for movie subtitle! The hella gay translation causes misunderstanding sometimes.


For example, when the heroine is killed, a character shouts : ‘NO!!

noooo copy

It comes out with ‘号码!!’which means ‘number!!’


noooo1 copy

So the certain idiots might think that means:



Well, maybe the Chinese words are too deep


This word does exist, but don’t ask me about it, I don’t know LOL




No Smoking

Posted by Jz on Friday, April 24, 2009 | comments (1)

I’m not going to bullshit about what’re the effects of smoking to our health, but the ways of governments use to reduce the smokers. Many countries keep rising the taxes on the cigarette but it seems to be useless, so many countries start using another way like sticking disgusting picture on cigarette boxes.

Oral Cancer They stick these and believe that it will stop some smokers from buying cigarette.



Malaysia uses stickers too! But, they use the outdated one



You can see this everywhere in Malaysia, but all the people just ignore it, failed. Then the government comes out with ‘Tak-Nak Campaign’,

image by sticking these everywhere,


TakNak-02 image

but again, failed.


Aiyo, look at how other countries do please, Japan, they use this too.

1194984910238730787no_smoking_sign_domas_jo_01_svg_med Yes, it’s simple and common, but the thing is they know how to use this effectively.











I don’t smoke

I can’t cook for a reason

Posted by Jz on Thursday, April 23, 2009 | comments (1)

I can’t cook, because I want to save our country! We’re in Global Economy Crisis right now, so eat at restaurant/hawker foods = putting more money into the market = save our country.


Okay, fine, I admit that I failed at cooking. I don’t even know how to use my microwave oven, my greatest success beside instant noodle is:


Yes, half boiled eggs, by using

image which only requires me to pour hot water in according to the amount of egg. This prove that I didn’t inherit my mother’s cooking skills. Wait, did I say my mother cooking skills?


I found one picture

24042009160 This is what she cooked for me, well, I had rice,

24042009160 - Copy fish,

24042009160 - Copy - Copy and, er…what?

24042009160 - Copy - Copy (2) not really sure if it is ‘eatable’, but according to her, that is:











Soy sauce








24042009160 - Copy - Copy (2)

As her son, I finished it. So, stop blaming me for don’t know how to cook.


By the way, I’m not blaming you mother, I love you and your foods =D




Cooking failed

Holiday Activity

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | comments (4)

What would you do during your holidays? Hanging out with friends? Watching some movies? Having some beers in the clubs in the small hours of the morning? No, you get it wrong, you should spend your holidays with your family! Like me!


Once per 101 days, I accompany my mother to supermarket to buy some snacks, sorry I mean foods and fruits. See, this call filial piety, last time was? Ah I remember it, when Chinese New Year. Hell, it is tiresome than what I thought, holding a basket of fruits makes me feel sleepy.


By the way, I saw this

23042009158 Why the hell a supermarket needs money changer, it’s not a mall, it’s a supermarket, where local aunties come to buy some daily stuffs, I don’t think any foreign would like to ‘visit’ a supermarket in Penang when there are so many interesting places in Penang.


Well, who’s that money changer?

23042009158 - Copy


Oh Mai God! Money changer is Coming soon!








Okay sorry, I know it’s lame….Again, it’s a great movie, try it xD




2 things that I can’t do

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | comments (3)

Unlike secondary school, we’re involved into more social activities in college life, and I found that I’m actually ‘okay okay’ with almost every social activities, not boasting or whatever,

I can drink at ‘okay okay’ level,

I can gambling at ‘okay okay’ level,

I can play games at ‘okay okay’ level,

I can play sports at ‘okay okay’ level,

and movies, songs, shopping are also ‘okay okay’ for me. Yea, all ‘okay okay’ only, what did you expected on me? LOL


But hell, sorry for these two: Singing

God, my pitch and tune is like never accurate before, I always sing out of tune, calling me to sing is same as calling Donald Duck to pronounce a sentence accurately

Donald-Duck-Hammock-AwardOr calling a cat to bark.


domestic-cat I just can’t! So stop calling/inviting/dating/forcing/pushing/dragging me to RedBox/GreenBox/Karaoke/KTV or whatever. Well, exception can be made if you’re as suck as me on singing.


And, dancing

Great, dancing, shaking a bamboo or a stick looks better than my dance, look how others dance.


and compare it to my last dance


So now you know, why I hate clubbing, because I only could watch how others dance and drink the beers which are much more expensive compare to the price outside, that’s sad D=


Well, due to my height I gave up dancing long time ago, but any volunteer to teach me how to sing better?



I’m suck!