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The ‘P’

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:56 PM

My friend who call himself fishy just got his license yesterday, he was so excited, wanted to drive so much. So we gave him the opportunity, to fetch us to Bukit Jambul to have our lunch in MacDonald, since he owed me RM10. Why? This was what happened last Thursday.


‘Where’s Alex and Michael?’


‘Probably playing Ping Pong up there.’


‘Oh yes! We got 2 hours for Ping Pong today!’


‘Hell no, it’s only one hour.’


‘Thursday got 2 hours break!’


‘Today don’t have 2 hours damn it!’


‘Want to bet?’ (He asked me himself)


‘How much?’


‘RM10’ (He said that himself)


‘Are you sure?’ (Chance given)


‘Yes!’  (chance denied without consideration)


‘Okay, there will be a class replacement for Math today’




Lecturer wrote that in the white board, and we had been told several times, but what was he doing?


Well, continue the story, we gave him the opportunity, but that was a wrong decision, totally wrong! This opportunity could be given to everyone but him.


Not to mention about how he held the steering, did you ever see anyone drives automatic car by using 2 legs? One on the accelerator pedal while the another one on the brake pedal. Not only his driving skills failed, his eyes failed too, he missed up 3 parking spaces before he (WE) found one ‘successfully’, and blamed us:


‘Why don’t you all tell me earlier!!’


And the really cool thing was:

He still managed to smile at us when we were cold sweating after this!


By the way, he still owes me RM10 damn it! He ‘went’ to toilet when I pay the bill!




He will never be my driver again!

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  1. ning says:


  1. sabrina says:

    eh..u like to bully him ar..
    so pity...actually he so funny eh..ahha

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    give a try on his car, and you will know=D

  1. sabrina says:

    ya ..i saw him druve his own car..
    he like to show la..haha..
    y ???dangerous??