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How to chase after girl(s) easily

Saturday, March 7, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 7:12 PM

Okay, this question have been asked for like 1 hundred millions of times, but still no accurate answer until now and many idiots took that opportunity, published some books like ‘How To Date A Girl’ which were totally useless to earn some fast money. So I’m here to save the guys, I’m just a 18 years old guy, why me? Why this post?

First- It’s 100% updated to 2009

Second- That’s easy

Third- No long steps like:

Chapter one – preparation

Chapter two – How to get her phone

Chapter three – How to communicate

Chapter four – How to date her out

Chapter five – BLA BLA BLA

Just 1 post, and few points.

Lets stop talking nonsense, first, you need A FACE

yes, a face, a handsome face. That’s the fact, who don’t want her boyfriend/husband to be handsome? Who don’t want to show off to her friend: This is my boyfriend/husband. Don’t agree? Just imagine that if Takeshi says this:


And the result will be like this:


But how about this guy


So, definitely the result is different. If you don’t have a handsome face and don’t want to have a plastic surgery, don’t be upset yet. Another point is that as long as you have these:



You could ask a girl like this if you’re rich.

women_holding_money_face_2 copy

The world is improving, and the human being is becoming more and more realistic. The fact is MONEY = EVERYTHING, don’t bullshit about what personality , morality, speciality or whatever, that never makes any sense. What I could see is:

RichGuy1 Maybe maybe…. maybe… that girl likes fatso?

rich_guy Maybe maybe…. maybe… that girl likes mature oldie?

I have nothing to say if you come up with these stupid excuses.

Lets look at the latest one

37 Gigi Lai, a famous ex Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong TVB who retired in October 2008. She retired because she got married with Patrick Ma who has physical disabilities and 15 years older than her (She’s 37).


Why? God knows

How about, if one have BOTH? Oh, that would be nice, you could have many girlfriends. Like this


Or marry them at once!! Woohooooooo~


But how about you have NONE.

Oh Mai God, so you’re a poor guy like me huh? Remember, I’m a blogger with professionalism, so I will borrow you this:


To hang yourself, or I’ll introduce you one new partner =D She will never leave you as long as you take good care of her,

Her name is Sony,

sound nice, full name

Sony Playstation 3


*Entertainment is the main purpose of this post. No offence =D


I want a Sony D=

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    dunwant your ACER liao??

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    as the promise.
    nah..1000 comment
    wuliao lor u.
    totally out of the topic ki.
    i have a ps3 at my home.xD
    haha..ok la.
    drop u d.^^
    i alwiz keep my words.

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    do you mean drop me your PS3? =O

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    give me ten reason i give u ~ewww~

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    gal nowadays
    btw its funny

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    u r liar..not me XD

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    coz the ten reason i cannot accept it..
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    u want PS3 isit?
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    i like tis ...funny!

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    just deliver it to me =D